1st - 7th October 2012


Eduard Escoffet

Eduard Escoffet




Eduard Escoffet was born in 1979 in Barcelona, where he lives and works. His work encompasses various forms of poetry: sound, visual and textual poetry, and performance. An active representative of the young generation of Catalan poets, his influences range from medieval and avant-garde literature to textualism and sound art.

He states that he makes vindication of orality, avoiding publication: he works with voice, computer, projections. He works as a sound poet, has organized important sound and action poetry events in Spain, and has performed in Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, China, Argentina, the United States, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Chile and Ecuador. Collaborated with musicians like Walter Thompson, dj cuit b and Josep-Maria Balanya and dancers like Germana Civera and Rosa Muñoz. Nowadays he is collaborating with Bradien (www.bradien.net)

He was director of PROPOSTA festival (Barcelona, 2000-2004) and since 2010 is director of Barcelona International Poetry Festival. He also collaborates curating part of the program in different poetry festivals like Yuxtaposiciones and Poetico Festival (both in Madrid). In 2005, he curated with Eugeni Bonet a cinema program on Lettrism for MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona).

han tancat totes les escoles. ja no s'hi aprèn de llegir. ja no s'hi aprèn d'escriure. hem tancat
totes les paraules. ja que els cossos no duren tant com haurien de durar -així com la nit i el foc
cec dels amadors-, millor deixar les paraules de banda. ara les mares ja no s'amoÏnen per la
mainada i l'escola i les hores. ara, les mares, lluny de l'escalf dels pares, només es preocupen
dels uniformes. i els fills feinegen o es deformen els cossos. han tacat tots els vestits. amb tot:
no saben ja escriure ni llegir no saben ja. i la nit, feble i breu, acull dos cossos que es deformen.
com les paraules, però sense paraules.

* * *

they have closed all the schools. no more learning to read. no more learning to write. we have
closed all the words. now that bodies no longer last as long as they should -like the night and
the blind fire of the lovers- better to put words aside. now the mothers no longer worry about
the kids and the school and the hours. now, the mothers, far from the warmth of the fathers,
only care about the uniforms. and the children do odd jobs or deform their bodies. they have
stained all the dresses. even so: they no longer know how to write how to read they no longer
know. and the night, feeble and brief, takes in two bodies that deform each other. like words,
but without words.


poem by eduard escoffet
english translations by graham thomson

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