1st - 7th October 2012


Yu Jian

Yu Jiang

Yu Jian was born in 1954 in the city of Kunming, a city located on a plateau in south-west China. In 1984, he graduated from the University of Yunnan. He is a poet, writer and a director of documentary films and he is known for his fractured, powerful and politically-charged verse.

Published titles:
Akte 0 (Horlemann 2010) German
Un Vol (Bleu De China Gallimard 2010) French
Dossier 0 (Bleu De China 2005) French
Voo (Amastra-N-Gallag 2001) Galicia language
De Eerste Scheppingsdaad (Het Trage Vuur 32 - December 2005) Dutch
Poëzie Als Incident 1996 (Poeziecentrum) Dutch

Literary award received:
Lu Xun Literature Award
The Poetry journal Genesis in Taiwan



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