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Hasmik Simonian


Hasmik Simonian

Hasmik Simonian was born in 1987 in Yerevan. She completed her studies at Yerevan State University of Pedagogy in 2008, specializing in Philology. In 2009 she completed a course in journalism at the Caucasus Institute of Journalism in Yerevan.

She has published two collections of poetry, Lunatic Words (2005) and Untidy Rooms (2010). She has received many literary awards including the 2004 Time award, the Slavik Chiloyan award for her first collection and the 'Little Prince' award, both in 2005, and the President's Youth award in Literature and the Special Prize at the 'The Future is Ours' Festival, both in 2006. She also received the Gretert journal award for rhetoric and essay writing in 2008, and for poetry in 2010.





... it seems the two of us
are standing in time and... in a room,
where everything is transparent, even
the gape of the mirror, I'm green...
your smile, slightly refracted and...
the likes of me have lived before and are no more
you are like me... and were born after me
but those born earlier believe in too much,
in the definitiveness and insolubility of everything...
I hate doors... with their half-opened eyes...
and the lemon tree, which speaks
with the slightly sour scent
of childhood
seems lonely...
abandoned by its body... and I
am leaving the room where I left my body...
I miss it now
like the lemon tree...

there are walls instead of doors in the room
extremely solid,
extremely tangible,
and in my mind
I often apologize, sceptical
of my existence and of his, facing me...
it seems we are alone, the two of us
and everything is at the extremes
long ago memories dried up
like old fingers...
like the sound of a cackling phone when
I'm alone and the phone, with you at the
other end, won't talk to me...
without it, solitude seems like
the crazy tale of a lemon
that has created itself in time...

Perhaps it's my imagination, but we are
standing alone in the train
(shadows do not sit) and the wind,
which can't tear itself away from you, expects
more from me... the wind.

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